What we saw "Inside the Storm"

A hail shaft in a super cell near Matador, Texas (photo credit: Joe Huisinga, CBS 2 Reporter)

Over five days and 2,600 miles "Inside the Storm" gave us a unique look at the exciting and often strange world of chasing sever weather.

"You're going to see Mother Nature at its most powerful," said Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails as the week began.

Even with advanced weather technology at our fingertips it was hard to know exactly what we would see.

We encountered bizarre weather phenomenon including hail fog created by cold hail mixing with the warm air near Matador Texas, was a first for everyone on the chase team.

We met some interesting characters along the way like Jim Kennedy who owns a tornado tour business.

He told us about the first time he saw one of these violent storms

"I had a close encounter with a tornado in Burlington Massachusetts; wasn't nothing fantastic but it ate my truck."

The week had its moments of excitement when the team was on the chase inside big storms in Texas and Oklahoma.

However there was always a feeling of disappointment when the tornado's we were hoping to see didn't materialize.

On our last day of the chase Mother Nature finally showed us what we were looking for.

A high precipitation tornado touched down south of Chickasha Oklahoma on Friday afternoon and we were in the perfect position to see it.

"We figured it was on the ground for probably about one and a half minutes" said Storm Chaser Russ Smith.

Even though it was short lived the moment was powerful.

"Only a few people actually experienced it and we happened to be one of them," Said Swails. "Our knowledge really paid off for us there and we walked away the big winners today we got ourselves a tornado."

Unfortunately the storm destroyed several homes but luckily no one was hurt.

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