Inside the Storm Blog: TODAY IS THE DAY

Unpacking gear to get ready to chase (Photo: Carolyn Wettstone)

This is a rarity in storm chasing but I think the crew all got a decent night's sleep. We bunked down at a Fairfield Inn in Wichita, Kansas. Not bad. This morning everyone was up bright and early, packed, and ready to hover around the computers in the hotel's breakfast room.

A couple of years ago the room would have been transformed into a city of laptops. Now the chasers are plopped on chairs and tables scanning phones and mini pads. I think I'm the only dinosaur clinging to my 9-year-old MacBook Pro.

The energy level is high. The meteorologists acknowledge it with tight grins and intense discussions. This could be, weatherize, one of the best set-ups for super cells, very large hail (greater than three inches), and tornadoes.

The chances are very good we will get on a tornado-warned storm today. This is what it's all about. Seeing first hand the power the power of Mother Nature and using that knowledge to provide better ways to keep people safe.

Once the storm initiates, we will activate the life stream so you can follow along.

Stay tuned!


PS! As you can see from the photo with our daughter, Eden, having breakfast this morning, Terry IS able to be in two places at once! (It's a cardboard cut-out!)

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