Inside the Storm Blog: STARSTRUCK!

The Inside the Storm team.

We have some extremely talented people with this on this storm chase. In fact three carloads of them. While many of these men are extreme meteorologists with storm chasing pedigrees an arm-length long, they are being outshone (momentarily anyway) by their transportation.

Two of our vehicles are courtesy of Carousel 2 out of Iowa City..and they've been bedazzled! The SUV's are fully wrapped with our INSIDE THE STORM LOGO...and you can see us coming about a mile away.

In years past, these vehicles have taken center stage. It's not unusual to exit a fast food joint to see the SUVs' surrounded by an admiring crowd. Everyone wants their photo taken with the tricked out twister trackers!

This year is no different. We took a quick lunch break at Culvers just outside of Des Moines. Commandeering a corner of the restaurant with trays of the typical chase food (hamburger and fries), the crew ate and talked weather. The big day is expected to be tomorrow with the Storm Prediction Center or SPC calling for a moderate risk for long-track tornadoes, grapefruit-sized hail, and damaging winds for Oklahoma and Kansas.

Outside though sightseers checked out the SUV's. Cell phone appeared and a few photos taken. It never fails, these vehicles are just cool. And, people love them.

Naturally after lunch, the gang wanted THEIR photo with the vehicles. So I obliged. Here they are: "Inside The Storm Chase Crew 2016!"

We are now continuing south west heading into sunshine but as Pink Floyd would say...we're looking for the dark side of the cloud.


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