Preparing for the Chase

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX 28) -- Before our week long hunt for mother nature's fury could even begin, weeks of planning had to go into creating this little adventure. Part of the reason we do it is because we want to hunt down, track and document the great unknown... what makes these monster storms tick.

There's so much we don't know and that's a big reason why now we're in a bit of a scramble. Thursday afternoon, Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails grew concerned that we might miss out on our opportunity if we chose to stick with the original plan, chasing the week of May 11th. He wanted to move everything we set into motion up a full week. In the world of television, staffing, promotion and planning, that's no easy task.

But the people at CBS 2 News got it together, with the help of a lot of support from others backing our project. So now, we roll on Monday, May 4th. Loaded with multiple vehicles, an arsenal of equipment and an incalculable wealth of knowledgeable and experienced people coming along for the chase, we're gearing up to bring you some incredible coverage of whatever the weather throws our way.

It will take countless days, thousands of miles and who knows how many gas station and fast food stops, but we're ready. Over the next few days, Terry and the rest of the team will provide live updates from the road, and share their experiences in picture and video right here, on the Inside the Storm section of!

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