Inside the Storm Blog: We saved lives!

The wall cloud of a storm near Lawton, Oklahoma (Photo: Carolyn Wettstone)

Today had all the parameters for a great day of chasing epic storms. But in the end, Mother Nature had other ideas. We chased a super cell near Lawton, Oklahoma. It came with all the requisite ingredients for a nail biter. Hail, strong winds, crazy big lightning, and heavy downpours.

The cell's wall cloud threaten to unload a funnel but never quite got the rotation going enough to do so. But I did manage to get a couple of shots of the wall cloud while it was pondering its new move. The cell finally started breaking a part as it moved slowly east.

But the best thing that happen today is a small miracle. Of all the places we could have been today, we managed to land on the gravel road in Oklahoma where in a ditch, huddled together, seven newborn puppies struggled to live.

The storm chaser that heard the pups was Ethan Schisler. Ethan is one of our professional storm chasers on the trip and the guy has a huge heart when it comes to critters. I believe his heart must have led him to that exact spot where those tiny babes were dumped.

Well storm chasers are often first responders to a scene of devastation and they jump right in and help wherever they can. This was no different. These guys didn't hesitate. We had a storm to catch but the pups first needed to be saved. Kholby Martin, another chase meteorologist, called 911. The sheriff's dispatch reassured us someone from Animal Rescue would be right there.

After thirty minutes and no rescue, I called 911 again. The dispatcher remembered us. I painted a grave scenario. Helpless pups. Impending storm. He got it. We had a truck pulling up in twenty minutes.

The folks from Animal Rescue were great. They assured us the pups would be looked over by a vet and given the best care.

So not a tornado. But we did witness something pretty special. I'll take that.


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