Inside The Storm: Using Tech To Stay Safe

CHILDRESS, TX (CBS2/FOX28) -- CBS2/FOX28 Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails and his team of storm chasers are getting a first-hand look at severe weather, looking to bring what they learn back here to Iowa.

Thursday night, they were in Childress, Texas, to show us the tech tools they're using to take you inside the storm.

We all know tornadoes are very dangerous elements of nature, so when the crews are out chasing tornadoes, they have to have a safe vehicle and certain equipment to keep them out of harm's way.

The vehicles have radars and other pieces of equipment that help the crews stay safe when they are right next to the dangerous storms.

Crew member Kholby Martin says, "For me as a chaser you want to have good internet because you need to have an accurate and reliable and up to date radar. Having my laptop, I can pull up my GPS and overlay it with the radar so I know exactly where I am at all times in regards to the storm."

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