Blog: "INSIDE THE STORM" heads out!

Terry Swails and his team heads out on his 2016 Inside the Storm Chase.

Hang on! It's time to go after Mother Nature's most violent storm the tornado! Terry and I, along with the "weathered" crew from KGAN-TV, are loaded for bear and headed west.

The destination is Wichita, Kansas. The Storm Predication Center is calling for a significant outbreak of severe weather in Kansas and Oklahoma. So we'll pull into Wichita tonight and assess the best area to stake out tomorrow. Terry is behind the wheel of a Lincoln Navigator and seems calm so far. (This is good.) Also a huge thank you to Carousel 2 out of Iowa City for our vehicles this trip.

This year, I am going to try and bring you more videos and photos to help pull back the curtain of what it's really like to storm chase!

So we hope you can join us as we go Inside The Storm to show you what it takes to take on Mother Nature and come out safely on the other end.


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