INSIDE THE STORM: The stakes are raised

The team gassing up and resting before a big chase on Tuesday afternoon (Photo: Carolyn Wettstone)

The stakes just got higher. The Storm Prediction Center minutes ago issued a Particularly Dangerous Situation...otherwise known as a PDS. It is very rare for a PDS to be issued...and they're only put out when long-track violent tornadoes are possible. That means an EF3 or greater tornado and winds of 150 plus m.p.h. So we're going to have be on our toes. And we will.

At this point, the storms haven't fired yet in our area, but that should be happening within the hour. Once it does we will be up on the lifestream at

In the meantime, we're doing what most storm chasers do before "the show". We're topping off our tanks with fuel, scraping the bugs off the windshields, and grabbing lunch. I would like to think my new and improved healthy eating habits are influencing the chasers, we stopped at a Subway for lunch!

We've also made a quick stop at a Best Buy to pick up some odds-n-ends to guarantee the equipment works smoothly. Joe impressed the heck outta Terry with his extreme storm chasing boots. The guy's a natural!

So at this point, we are headed southwest toward Lawton, Ok. We expect to meet with our first super cell in about an hour.

We will keep you posted!

Put your seatbelts on folks, things are gonna get bumpy.


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