Inside the Storm Blog: No place like home!

A screen cap of a tornado caught by the Inside the Storm team in Oklahoma.

Well I'm on the Kansas Turnpike on the way back to Iowa following this years chase. The time goes by fast, especially when you are in the heat of an actual chase event. Three hours following a tornado warned storm goes by in the blink of an eye. The thing that's most gratifying to me is the fact this trip home we got what we came for, a tornado. Here's a screen grab of the twister.

Fortunately nobody was hurt in the tornado but a number of homes were heavily damaged or destroyed. Here's what left of a house. The picture courtesy of our FOX affiliate in Oklahoma City.

As far as I know we and only one other chaser were able to get pictures of the storm due to its rain wrapped structure. Considering all the chasers after that storm (dozens) and its limited visibility my team did an amazing job of getting us in position. Not only to see the storm but avoid the hail that was big enough in spots to break car windows. So hats off to Kholby Martin, Ethan Schisler, Russ Smith, and Aaron Gerhardt. Also a shout out to James Tomkins who's specialty is streaming and internet technology. He allowed us to switch cameras and get multiple views of the event during live streaming.

I also need to mention Joe Huisinga who who was sent as a reporter to cover the behind the scenes action that takes place in a chase. He was the only member of the team to never chase or see a tornado. We were concerned how he might react in the heat of the battle but he took to it like a kid and candy. Now he wants to do it again!

Last but not least I thank the prettiest (and only female member of the group) my wife Carolyn Wettstone for her help in creating massive amounts of content throughout the week. She blogged, tweeted, live Facebooked, produced, organized, wrote packages, and put up with 8 crusty men. What a gal.

I would also like to thank Carousel 2 for the chase vehicles which were spacious enough to get us around. We put in 3,000 miles in tough conditions and both performed admirably!

I also want to thank KGAN, Glen, Becky, the sales staff and all of my co-workers for their support as we worked towards our goal of learning as much as we could about severe weather and tornadoes. I gained so much knowledge and I am a better forecaster today than before we left. It was and awesome adventure and one that I will never forget. Roll weatherTS

P.S. To John Miller and Rebecca Kopelman, we feel your pain at having to stay behind. You were with us in spirit!

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