Inside the Storm: A Very Wet "Dry Run"

TOPEKA, KS (CBS2/FOX28) -- When you work in television news, there's nothing you want more than to plan out your day, your assignment and how you plan on telling a story. When it comes to chasing storms, that's not how it works.

Not only did we move up our departure date for our week-long chase by several days, we also planned on spending a full day doing nothing but traveling. But that, as always, changed. Instead, we intercepted a line of strong to severe thunderstorms in northern Kansas.

The particular storm that we spent our afternoon with eventually produced some winds topping 60mph and hail reaching 1" in diameter. A borderline severe thunderstorm. There was really no threat of a tornado, but we decided to pursue in anyways.

After the storm began to fall apart, we plotted out course for getting out of what is turning into a night of very heavy rain for the northeastern portion of Kansas. We darted southward towards Wichita where we will take a short break from the road to grab some dinner. Then, it will be time to begin work on tonight and tomorrow morning's shows, as we make our way to southwest Kansas to get a few hours rest before starting the day all over again.

Tuesday, we plan on heading further south, perhaps as far as the Texas panhandle, for a day that right now looks more promising for supercells and tornadoes.

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