Inside the Storm Blog: Headed to the tornado mecca of the world

Tornado damage: May 3rd, 1999, A massive tornado moves through the Oklahoma countryside in Grady county just east of Amber, Okla. between Amber and Newcastle.

We are headed to the what could be called the "Tornado Mecca" of the world. Moore, Oklahoma has been struck by more violent tornadoes than other any place in the country...especially in recent years.

In fact, on May 3, 1999, the strongest tornado ever recorded in US history hit the town. Winds that day exceeded 300 m.p.h. The damage was simply catastrophic.

Today we are going to visit the town and see if we can discover why this town basically has a target on its back. We'll also check out the progress Moore has made in recovering from its epic damage.

Now for an update on our "Puppy Love" story.

We are pleased to tell you the puppies made it through the night and their future looks good. As we reported yesterday, our storm chasing team discovered the babes dumped in a ditch on a gravel road outside Lawton, Oklahoma. We were able to contact the Animal Rescue folks and then waited with the puppies until they arrived. The puppies were taken to the Lawton Animal Welfare center and are being cared for by one of the center's technicians. In fact, Tatjana, the tech, is taking the puppies home with her each night and bottle feeding them every two to four hours. She'll continue to do that for the next six to eight weeks. What a fantastic gal.

The puppies are newborn. The Animal Rescue director believes there are somewhere between one to five days old. They eyes weren't even open yet! It is too hard at this point to tell what breed they are but that should be determined in the weeks ahead.

If you are interested in adopting our "storm dogs", you can call the Lawton Animal Welfare Center in about two months when the little guys are ready to go. The number is 580 581 3218.


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