GALLERY: Inside the Storm chase in Lubbock, Texas

Photo: Aaron Gerhardt

We definitely logged some miles today chasing a super cell near Lubbock, Texas. The cool thing was to watch this super cell begin as a fledgling storm and bloom into a stunning cell with striated layers of grey.

This cell truly outdid itself producing golf ball-sized hail that covered fields and roads with a fresh blanket of ice. It looked like a January day in Iowa. We actually had the SUV in 4-wheel drive for awhile to navigate through the ice.

The stark cold of the ice combined with the heat of the day also enveloped us into shimmering white mist. This is called hail fog and it slowed us down to a creep because it was so thick. The whole effect was surreal and a little bit amazing.

The super storm also managed to throw off a few gustnados that whipped up dirt and debris in the distance. There was a lot of rotation with the storm but it just couldn't quite produce a tornado.

Terry believes the super cell simply didn't have enough moisture to complete the job of producing a tornado. But before it did break apart it provided us with some true beauty shots.

We were on this storm for about four hours but it was only at the end that it gave us these final amazing shots.

It was quite a show.

Hope you enjoy photos!


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