Chase Food: It's Not Pretty

The following article was written by CBS 2 Assignment Manager and Storm Chaser Nick Weig. Nick is spending a week chasing storms with Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails and will share his perspective of their trip.

CAMERON, MO (CBS2/FOX28) -- When you are on the road for countless hours and countless days, striving to find that photogenic storm, food is a time consuming luxury.

All of us are getting old, and getting a little extra flab in some areas, so we all try to eat healthy. But that effort goes right out the window on a storm chase.

On this first day of the chase, time is critical. After leaving Cedar Rapids early this morning we have hundreds of miles to travel before we can even be in a position for today's target area.

That means hours of driving and not much time for anything except the bare essentials, including fuel.

For example, we have made two stops so far as we enter northwest Missouri, my diet has consisted of a bag of Skittles (Orchard variety), a small can of Pringles Chips, a Vanilla Pepsi, a Sprite and a personal pan Pizza from a gas station. Sound unhealthy? Well, it FEELS unhealthy too! :)

At the end of the day, we don't get much choice over the course of the chase about when or where we can stop, we just stop whenever we can. Whatever happens to be there is what we have to deal with.

As for next week, when we get home, I'll be taking more walks, drinking more water, and hitting the stationary in my basement to get back to my usual level of unhealthiness.

Stay with CBS 2 all week as Chief Meteorologist Terry Swails takes us Inside the Storm on a mission to keep your family safe. You'll have a front row seat as Terry and his experienced team chase some of nature's most ferocious weather. You'll be able to follow along live on and follow Terry on the air during all CBS 2 and Fox 28 newscasts and socially on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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