ROAD TRIPPIN' Nauvoo: Year-round Fun

NAUVOO, ILLINOIS (CBS2/FOX28) - While tourism in many towns winds down at the end of the summer, Nauvoo is just about to throw it into high gear. From massive classic car shows where hundreds of the sweetest rides in the Midwest roll into town to one of the most spooktacular

Halloween events you've ever seen, this river city, about two hours from the corridor, is attracting crowds well into the fall season. You may have learned in grade school that the town is steeped in History as one of the early gathering points for members of the Mormon faith who later moved west. But in addition to that rich heritage, town leaders want visitors to know there's a non-stop calendar of family fun. Join us on our latest ROAD TRIPPIN' adventure as we look at some of the events being planned right now in Nauvoo, Illinois!

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