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ROAD TRIPPIN' Nauvoo: The Red Brick Store

NAUVOO, IL (FOX28/CBS2) - Walk through the door of The Red Brick Store at the Joseph Smith Historic Site and when it shuts behind you gaze around the room. You have just instantly been transported to the 1840's boom town of Nauvoo, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River. A gathering place where thousands of believers came to find faith in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. That required goods for everyday life and survival and Site Director Lachlan Mackay says church founder Joseph Smith's building was stocked with everything you could want, " It was a general store, one of about 35 in Nauvoo, so you might come here for fabric or sewing supplies or salt pork. " The entire back wall behind the counter is covered in bowls, china, iron skillets and coffee pots, lanterns and dry goods. A string of colorful bonnets women wore at the time stretches overhead. You can buy "The Book of Mormon" , a real feather quill pen and spend hours just looking through the barrels of hard candy, the kind you didn't know anyone made anymore. A family can be overheard debating the medicinal merits of Horehound Candy versus what a grandma calls its "nasty taste." It's all products listed in one of the original day books that showed what customers purchased 170 years ago. On the counter by the window, you can also read the platform Joseph Smith presented in his bid for president of the United States and then walk upstairs to an assembly room on the site where he was nominated. Volunteers, who act as guides, answer questions and explain the events that later lead to the shooting death of Smith and his brother before church members finally left the town to trek west, to Salt Lake City. It's the reason everyone calls this Historic Nauvoo. It is steeped in the past, designed for education and understanding, but also carries a promise of family fun and entertainment in a number of locations including The Red Brick Store. Come along as Reporter Matt Hammill takes you on our latest ROAD TRIPPIN' adventure to Nauvoo, Illinois !

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