ROAD TRIPPIN' Mount Pleasant: Old Threshers Reunion

ROAD TRIPPIN- Old Threshers Reunion

MOUNT PLEASANT, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - If there is one single event that has this town bursting at the seams and ready to blow off some steam, it is the five days surrounding the Labor Day weekend and the extravaganza known as the Old Threshers Reunion. It is a celebration of all things STEAM that brings a piston pounding parade of machinery through town. On any given day during the reunion youll witness more than one hundred different events featuring everything from giant steam shovels to steam driven sawmills and even Stanley Steamer motor cars. But the stars of the show are the huge steam tractors and threshing machines that changed the world and lead the industrial revolution in agriculture. Some look like locomotives, huffing and puffing, spewing steam and making fans jump just a little when operators yank the cord to let out a loud screaming blast from the whistle. Most of the year, these behemoths, some with wheels more than eight feet tall, sit in the Threshers Museum, but once a year they take them out to play. Add that machinery to thousands of old tractors, from Farmalls to Olivers and John Deere to Allis Chalmers, train rides around the grounds, and demonstrations of how massive work horses used to power everything and you have an event that always causes a population explosion in this town of nine thousand. Kadie Dennison with Mount Pleasant Tourism says you have to see it to believe it, Old Threshers is madness! It is the most exciting time of year here in Mount Pleasant, it is almost like the entire town shuts down so that Old Threshers can run. In its 65 year history, some people have never missed a single reunion.

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