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ROAD TRIPPIN' Marshalltown: Tremont on Main

ROAD TRIPPIN- Tremont on Main

MARSHALLTOWN, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - The ambience that glows behind Sommelier Jeff Yanacek isnt something you find just anywhere. As he pours the latest vintage that may find its way onto the international wine list here, the elegant bar is surrounded by lighting that is just so, tables that are arranged specifically to fit the dining room and art work meticulously chosen to brighten corners, relax a business traveler or draw customers into conversation. They say its the kind of fine dining you expect to enjoy in New York or Chicago or Paris, but this room, this menu, this experience is in downtown Marshalltown. In 1998 Jennifer and JP Howard bought the historic brick building in the heart of this Iowa city and asked the most important question of their lives .. what does this town need? Today the space is the place to go. Tremont On Main offers an amazing selection of fresh fish and seafood, from walleye to Alaskan salmon. They pride themselves on local meats and vegetables with local Angus cuts and Iowa pork offerings prepared with the freshest vegetables and other ingredients available. Heirloom tomatoes and herbs are grown right on the roof of their building, just steps away from the kitchen where they accentuate wonderful salads and sauces. Just next door, The Tremont Grille offers a complete list of local favorites that bring in the breakfast and lunchtime crowds. And if youre among the clients or guests of international companies operating out of the Marshalltown area, you can finish your dinner, check in with the bar tender and receive the key to your room in the comfortable and beautifully decorated Tremont Inn on the upper floor. Its a boutique hotel where they like to say history meets luxury. Jennifer and JP say they are proud of what they have created here in Marshalltown and would love you to visit the next time you're in town.

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