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ROAD TRIPPIN' Marshalltown: Hidden Treasures

ROAD TRIPPIN- Hidden Treasures

MARSHALLTOWN, IA (CBS2/FOX28) On a cold winter night a visitor slipped into the art museum just before closing, cut a priceless Monet painting from its frame and then disappeared into the darkness. It sounds like a heist at the Louvre or dOrsay, but this theft of one of the masters works happened right in the middle of Iowa. The Impressionist Gallery in Marshalltown is filled with treasures from one of the most celebrated periods in painting. On the walls you will find the timeless technique of Edgar Degas, Henri Matisse, Mary Cassatt and Camille Pissarro. They are strokes of genius few expect to find and most would anticipate waiting hours in line to see after traveling to a much larger city. Here it is not uncommon to share the entire gallery with another visitor or two for a very intimate and relaxed study of the colorful beauty. Just as amazing is whats in store right next door. The Ceramic Study Collection is one of the most extraordinary in the country. Originally gathered for students and professionals to examine glaze and design over the centuries, today it is a pleasant surprise for visitors. It includes everything from ancient Peruvian wine vessels, to sculptures hung on a fence and shot with 45 caliber bullets to something called the Erotic Frog Cup that defies any written description and must be seen to be appreciated. Combined with the Impressionist Gallery it is simply one of the most diverse and eclectic collections imaginable and another great reason to venture off from Highway 30.

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