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ROAD TRIPPIN' Madison County: Historical Complex

One of the 14 historical buildings on the Madison County Historical Complex. (CBS2/FOX28)

Preserving the past to be appreciated in the present is a serious passion and commitment for the people of Madison County Iowa. You already know about their amazing covered bridges, but there is so much more that makes the area in and around Winterset, Iowa an experience to remember.

Near the top of the list is the Madison County Historical Complex.

This beautiful, park-like setting boasts 14 historic buildings on 18 lush acres. You can hang out in the blacksmith shop, remember the days when attendants rushed out to check your oil and wash the windshield at the Martin Brothers Gas Station, check out the goods inside the old Mercantile and walk through the hidden jewel of Iowa in the Bevington Mansion. The elaborate home shows you how a traveler returning from the California gold rush came to town and built his fortune and a grand home that continues to fascinate all ages with period furnishings and gadgets and a one of a kind privy.

There is so much history on this hill, including an incredible collection of military uniforms and stories of the underground railroad that you’ll want to make sure you leave extra time to enjoy it. Come along as we take you Road Trippin’ to the Madison County Historical Complex in Winterset, Iowa !

For more information about the Madison County Historical Complex, head here.

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