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ROAD TRIPPIN' Galena: Farmer's Guest House

Come along with Matt Hammill and meet Don and The Breakfast Diva as he takes you ROAD TRIPPIN’ to Galena, Illinois!

If you're not laughing a lot, enjoying amazing home baked delicacies fresh out of the oven and finding a comfortable room to relax your soul, you have never stayed at the Farmers Guest House in Galena.

Located just a short walk from the heart of this town that's filled with eclectic shops and great restaurants, it was recently named one of the best bed and breakfasts in the entire country. The historic getaway opened its doors in 1867, but it's the current proprietor who is putting a smile on the faces of all the guests. Susan Steffan, will quickly tell you her hard working husband Don keeps the place running, but she is the queen of the kitchen and affectionately known as The Breakfast Diva. With a quick laugh and bubbly personality, she is like the best friend who makes sure everyone else at the party is having a good time.

That personality is what likely raised her recognition beyond what you might expect in a small town. Susan is a Food Network Star! She laughs at herself, thinking back to when the phone rang and someone claiming to be a TV producer asked her if she would be interested in appearing in a holiday baking challenge.

"The whole time I thought maybe like my brother was pulling a gag on me and I would get to the airport and he'd be like ha ha I got you, punked you, but no it was for real."

Susan rocked the national show for three episodes, didn't win, but calls it an incredible experience. When she returned home, guests kept asking if she did cooking classes and she finally decided she better start saying yes. Now they circle around her in her kitchen and watch a Food Network Star turn out some of the most wonderful cookies, cakes, deserts and main dishes you have ever tasted. Add that to the bright and cheerful rooms at Farmers Guest House, the cozy reading nooks, a spa and a private cottage out back with its own family of deer who appear almost every evening and you have a bed and breakfast that keeps visitors coming back to unwind and enjoy the great company.

Come along with Matt Hammill and meet Don and The Breakfast Diva as he takes you ROAD TRIPPIN' to Galena, Illinois!

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