ROAD TRIPPIN' Decorah: Pinter's Gardens & Pumpkins

DECORAH, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - As fall colors reach their peak in Northeast Iowa, families are hitting the road in search of that perfect pumpkin for painting or carving and they're finding a new spot that is an oasis amid the oaks and maples.

Pinter's Gardens & Pumpkins on Highway 9 has transformed itself from a grassy hillside into a tourist destination where you can see buses full of leaf lovers pull into the parking lot. It's a stop where you really can find almost anything, but a few really stand out. The spacious building is stocked with everything from wind chimes and hard to find gifts for your favorite green-thumber to jars filled with the kind of jams and jellies your grandma used to make. The restaurant offers a wide selection of homemade favorite dishes and just outside is a huge glass case filled with no less than 16 different kinds of handmade fudge. The gooey goodness ranges from Tiger Butter and Orange Chocolate Swirl to Pumpkin with Nuts and Chocolate Rum! We didn't see anyone leave without at least trying a sample and most took home a box.

Outside, you'll find a beautifully landscaped patio for barbeques and receptions, wagons weighted down with giant pumpkins, a farm petting zoo and depending on the day, live bands or a Dead Shed to celebrate Halloween.

Call ahead to see what's going on, but for now, join us to check out Pinter's Gardens & Pumpkins as we go ROAD TRIPPIN' to Decorah, Iowa!

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