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ROAD TRIPPIN' Decorah: Main Street

ROAD TRIPPIN- Decorah's Mainstreet

DECORAH, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - In a town known for those international internet sensations the Bald Eagles, Luther College and a rich Norwegian immigrant history, visitors to this small northeast Iowa community are also finding a big surprise on main street. In a city of barely 8,000 people there is a bustling business district you might never expect . A beautifully renovated grand space at The Hotel Winneshiek, great restaurants, high-end clothing, ice cream shops, world class jewelry and art and the chicks. Decorah Hatchery still has the incubators that hatched out thousands of fuzzy chicks every spring and summer, but now those huge redwood cases show off everything you need in outdoor clothing, trout fishing supplies and mountain biking apparel. Customers, mostly women, love to buy their brightly colored t-shirts with the slogan Another Quality Chick From Decorah Hatchery and send back pictures of themselves wearing them all over the globe from Great Falls to The Great Wall. Just down the street, crowds regularly show up to check out the latest glass gifts, creative art and handcrafted jewelry that can only be found at Agora Arts. Walking the isles youll suddenly feel youre being watched by pairs of big brown eyes as you notice the girls in the corner. Thats what Waukon artist Val Miller calls the 40 or so cows she paints on canvas that have become a national sensation. Come along as we check out a magical main street, full of vibrant shops, that keep visitors and locals coming back for more as Matt Hammill takes you ROAD TRIPPIN' to Decorah, Iowa!

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