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ROAD TRIPPIN' Columbia: Art League

ROAD TRIPPIN- Columbia Art League

COLUMBIA, MO (CBS2/FOX28) Even as Fall slides into Winter, a grey afternoon in this vibrant community holds some amazing places that will brighten up your day and add a splash of color. Welcome to the Columbia Art League, the Show Me States best reason to come and look at strokes of genius. Executive Director Diana Moxon says its the one place to hear and see the creative voice of the community. This beautiful gallery displays the work of everyone from high school students to professionals who have been selling quality pieces for decades. Some works are gorgeous, others thought provoking and a few even appear to be from the palette of masters, but if you look closer reveal themselves to be entirely out of fiber. With six shows a year, it is a constantly changing display of some of the best art in the country. Amid a developing art community, it is a place where artists who are just beginning to build a reputation show their work and if you read in between the brush-stroked lines, that means good deals for collectors searching for as yet undiscovered talent. Come along and see for yourself as we take you ROAD TRIPPIN to Columbia, Missouri!

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