ROAD TRIPPIN' Columbia: Artlandish

ROAD TRIPPIN- Artlandish

COLUMBIA, MISSOURI (CBS2/FOX28) - Karen Tiedye is the real deal. A Dead-Head who followed the band in her youth and needed something she could sell to get her from one show to the next, is still crafting her best art on clothing, just as her last name suggests. She points to the bright tie-dyed items that are for sale down in what she calls the catacombs. In the North Village Arts District there are more hidden jewels than in King Tuts old tomb. The amazing collection of galleries, restaurants, coffee shops and stores line the streets of this neighborhood and surround one of the funkiest places in town. Tiedye manages Artlandish. The first floor is like many art galleries, but stumble down the stairs and you enter a world like no other. A speakeasy during Prohibition, this labyrinth of walkways and booths is quite literally the underground art scene of Columbia. The long cave-like tunnels are lined with local talent, nooks and crannies filled with paintings, jewelry, crafts and many things that defy description all designed by area artists. There is what appears to be a used time machine in the corner that may or may not still work. Calling Artlandish unique, is an insult. It is the most eclectic, bizarre, fun combination of pictures, photos and one of a kind gifts you will ever find. Its also getting a reputation for performance art as bands, fire twirlers, dancers, actors and others come to celebrate First Fridays of every month. It is all part of what makes this a must stop when you are in Tiger town. Contrary to what you hear in every horror flick ever made, the best advice here is DO go in the basement.

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