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ROAD TRIPPIN' Clinton: The Bike Station

Road Trippin' on two wheels to Clinton, Iowa (CBS2/FOX28)

Family business can be tough. Some make it through the first generation, very few survive for a second generation and those that can boast a third generation, well you know something special is going on under that roof! At one of the busiest intersections in town you can still imagine how customers just after World War II must have flocked to this Mobil Oil Gas Station and called for a fill up as a uniformed attendant checked the oil and cleaned the windshield with a smile. Bill Jensen knew he had a good thing when he started the place in 1948. His son Fred knew he had a good thing when he brought it from his dad decades later and today Chad Jensen just smiles when he talks about taking over the family business from his dad. Still on the same Clinton corner, with Mobil Oil memorabilia on the shelves and counters and still service with a smile. But today, the regular customers call it The Bicycle Station. The Jensen family legacy has evolved from four wheel to two. You can find Chad overseeing the shop where they'll fix a tire, repair a brake or rebuild that old banana seat Schwinn Sting-Ray from the ground up. Wife Julie sells top of the line bikes next door, along with all the latest gear, and Dad Fred still loves to pitch in and greet new customers. Don't be fooled by the name, at The Bicycle Station you can still get an oil change for your car and probably get repairs on just about anything that might be broken. Chad says they fixed a toaster oven a while back and on the day we visited, Fred was under the hood of a lawnmower, making repairs and sharpening the blade good as new. More bike riders are finding the shop and discovering the riding opportunities in Clinton. A beautiful trail stretches all the way from the north edge of town, along the Mississippi River and to the neighboring river town of Camanche. Put that bike on the bumper, have it checked out by the Jensen family experts, and join Matt Hammill as he takes you ROAD TRIPPIN' to The Bicycle Station in Clinton, Iowa!

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