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ROAD TRIPPIN' Cedar Rapids: Newbo's Revivial

CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - Before answering the question, Steve Shriver pauses and takes a good long look around the neighborhood and then with a grimace on his face says, "That first time, it felt like a war zone. " The New Bohemia Group President is remembering his first trip back to the Czech neighborhood when the flood waters of 2008 finally receded enough to walk down the street. He says it was tough to focus on anything that offered hope, " There were no businesses, no people, it felt like .. it was uninhabitable. " Today, with the City Market as its centerpiece, the NewBo Neighborhood is roaring back. Restaurants, bars, nightlife, galleries, art studios, coffee shops, fine clothing, salons, book shops, skate boards, and all with the feeling of a neighborhood where you can take a walk or stop and chat with the guy playing an old piano that sits in front of Parlor City. In the last few years NewBo has become the place to be and be seen. To the point, Shriver says, people don't just want to play here, they want to work and live here too.

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