ROAD TRIPPIN' Cedar Rapids: Sports Scene


CEDAR RAPIDS, IA (CBS2/FOX28) If youve ever taken a family vacation and returned just in time to fall into bed exhausted, feeling like you needed another vacation to recover, then this weeks ROAD TRIPPIN adventure is just for you. Were stay-cationing in the corridor just long enough to remind you that if you havent been to a professional sporting event in a while, you are missing out on some incredible family fun. Let us count the ways, The Titans, The Kernels, The Roughriders and coming in a few months, the new professional soccer team. Team owners remind us this isnt just about sports, its quality entertainment and its all about quality of life in Cedar Rapids and surrounding towns. The Titans are exploding in popularity with attendance at arena football games at The Cell up more than 8%. The team just made the playoffs for the third straight year. At The Popper, the Kernels are focused on family nights out, entertainment, food and feeding the major leagues. The team threw out the first pitch in 1962 and just keeps doing it better. At The Stable, the Roughriders are netting loyal hockey fans who love to see the stars of tomorrow. No less than 14 National Hockey League players once skated here, including Alec Martinez with the Kings, Derek Peltier with the Avalanche and Detroits Justin Abdelkader. Add all that to the recent excitement over the USA teams in World Cup Soccer and you can understand why that sport is next to kick it up a notch. The same folks who run the Titans should be announcing the final plans for a professional Cedar Rapids soccer team any day. As of the first week of July, they only know the team colors are blue and yellow and the first game is the end of October. With that addition, it essentially means professional sports all year round in the corridor! Come along as Matt Hammill takes you ROAD TRIPPIN to some places you can always score a good time.

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