ROAD TRIPPIN' Anamosa: Daly Creek Winery & Bistro


Riding through the rolling hills of Grant Wood Country can work up an appetite that just can’t be satisfied in a drive-thru and a thirst that should never be quenched with a gas station fountain drink. Especially since there’s such an amazing alternative. On the main drag in Anamosa, husband and wife Kristi and Perry Knapp are serving up some of the best dishes in Jones County and as the name implies, the Daly Creek Winery and Bistro will also deliver a delicious vintage your taste buds can celebrate. One of the most popular stops on the Iowa Wine Trail, the comfortable atmosphere includes a tasting room, a spacious dining area and an outdoor patio that can transport you to France or Italy as you enjoy some memorable reds and whites. The best of nature’s nectar here includes Easy Rider, a sweet salute to Anamosa’s motorcycle history, Gothic White, a shout-out to native son Grant Wood and Penitentiary Red that comes with a set of handcuffs .. really! Daly Creek Winery and Bistro is also a place where you’ll find comfort food with a welcome twist. Chef Jobi Gangsted is making it magical with items including Tuscan Meatloaf in Cabernet Sauce with Rosemary Potatoes, Baked Bree with Raspberry Preserves and a Creme Brulee that will make you forget all the others. It’s the perfect stop after a day of traveling. Come along as Matt Hammill takes you ROAD TRIPPIN’ to Anamosa and Daly Creek Winery and Bistro

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