Road Trippin': finding fine food in LeClaire

    Shrimp scampi being prepared at the Crane and Pelican in LeClaire.

    LeClair is a small town with a lot to offer but before you start exploring you might want to jump start your day at Jones Street Java House.

    They have plenty of coffee concoctions to caffeinate your day and you can grab breakfast or get a light lunch.

    “We can do sandwiches and then we typically do wraps so we have about five or six choices,” says Manager, Ananisha Scott. “Greek salad is probably our most popular one along with the cranberry chicken,” she adds.

    They’re nestled in a neighborhood a little off the beaten path but even first time visitor’s leave feeling like a local.

    If you're looking for lunch with a view or a delicious dinner head a few blocks over to the Crane and Pelican restaurant, a historic house with a perfect perch.

    “People like to come to not the same cookie-cutter restaurant but see somebody doing something a little more original, a little more handmade and that's really what all of LaClaire is about,” says the Owner, Mandy Harvey.

    She made the menu of her own family favorites that have become staples for customers.

    “We've always got the meatloaf on our menu, we've always got a lobster mac & cheese, those are probably our two best sellers,” says Harvey.

    In the kitchen they’re always cooking; serving up everything from salmon to sandwiches and shrimp scampi.

    Even if you’ve been in before their rotating menu keeps things fresh.

    “Sometimes people are heartbroken I took one thing off the menu but then they're so excited to try something new,” Harvey says.

    No day in LeClair would be complete without sinking your sweet tooth into something special from the Shameless Chocoholic.

    “We make anything from caramels, buttercreams, toffee, fudge,” says Rabecca Burns, who Owns the shop.

    About 120 candies and confections are made right in the store where new ideas flow like melted chocolate.

    “I’ll just be kind of going along doing something in my own little world and I’ll be like oh my gosh that would be such a wonderful combination,” exclaims Burns.

    Among her candy creations are some sweets simply for adults.

    “They are bigger truffles than traditional truffles and they're all alcohol infused so we have like a baileys and butterscotch a mudslide, grasshopper, Jack Daniel’s is a really popular one,” she says.

    Candy, coffee and fabulous foods; these stops only scratch the surface of what you can find when you look for yourself in LeClaire.

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