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ROAD TRIPPIN': Kalona Quilt Museum and show

A gallery wall in the Kalona Quilt and Textile Museum displays Amish quilts. (Photo: Joe Huisinga CBS2/FOX28)

Quilting is an art that’s stitched into the fabric of the Kalona community; their patterns can be found on signs, the watertower and even on the sidewalks.

"It's a past time and it kind of gets passed down from generation to generation," says Katie Karnes, co-owner of Wooden Wheel Antiques, a shop well known for their quilts.

The Kalona Quilt and Textile Museum works to preserve those generations of history in their English and Amish quilt galleries.

"We house a little over 800 private collection quilts that date from the early 1800's to about the middle 1900's," says Nancy Roth, Managing Director of the Kalona Historic Village.

Even as a non quilter she sees them as captivating works of art.

"I started helping the quilt curator about six years ago and have taken in my own love and passion especially for the antique quilts, I love new quilts but the antique quilts, I think I like the historical aspect of them." says Roth.

This weekend the museum will house the annual Kalona Quilt Show and Sale where you can take home quilts both new and old.

Venders will have hundreds of quilts that are a testament to the intricacy of the art.

"From start to finish an average queen size quilt probably takes 500 to 800 hours," says Karnes.

When you consider the dedication it takes the payoff is mostly in the passion

"They're really not making money on their time but they do it for the love of quilting," adds Karnes.

This is the 46th year of the quilt show but it is the 1st year it will be held at the Kalona Historic Village which is also home to the Quilt Museum.

The show runsThursday 5:00 - 8:00 P.M. Friday 9:00-7:00 P.M. Saturday 9:00-5:00 P.M.

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