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ROAD TRIPPIN': Cruising Kalona's countryside

The Kalona Creamery along Highway 1. (Photo: Joe Huisinga CBS2/FOX28)

A big draw to the Kalona area lies in the countryside around town; one popular stop is the Kalona Creamery.

“People who are coming here are looking for a feel from the area so that's why we're really catering to their local and offering local products so that they can experience the Kalona Iowa area,” says Mindy Seiffert, Open Gates Group, Director of Marketing.

The Kalona Creamery sits right along Highway 1 just north of town.

This historic business is under new ownership and their famous cheese production is under renovation.

They're still worth a stop for their famous organic milk, (Kalona SuperNatural) and a delicious deli.

“That's something new that came with our purchase of the facility and so fresh house made soups salads and sandwiches every day,” says Seiffert.

After the Creamery you can start your journey off the highway, driving yourself or signing up for a ride with Dan Nisly on the Kalona By-ways tour.

“It is to see how things are done on a much more simple way and not the fast pace that you see in big cities and so on, it's like a breath of fresh air,” says Nisly.

This 90-minute ride takes you through the heart of Kalona’s Amish community and stops at several Amish country stores.

At Golden Delight Bakery it's the smells that sell the fresh made breads and pastries.

it is a glimpse at the Amish traditions that reflect a different way of life.

“It's the atmosphere,” says Nisly. “People are curious about ‘what do these people look like? Are they different than anybody else?’.”

As a former member of the Amish community, Nisly can easily answer any questions you may have.

The Amish don't feel they're anything special but out of respect for their beliefs they should not be filmed or photographed.

Not all of the country stores are run by the Amish; JK Creative Wood has been making unique wood crafts as a family for more than 30 years and they take pride in their work.

They also sell a variety of items made by other area craftsmen.

“That's really really important to us to have it be handmade in America and that we know these people these are just a big store that were buying from these are actually friends of ours,” says Karma Brokaw who is one of the owners.

“We have Amish neighbors that make our homemade jam and some of the hand-woven rugs and quilts,” adds Brokaw.

The shop is also well-known for their furniture built by Mennonite and Amish craftsman.

With everything from fantastic foods to crafty creations, the Kalona countryside hides as many must-sees as the town itself.

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