Road Trippin' Grinnell gallery brings art to Iowa

Faulconer Gallery Grinnell College. (Photo: Joe Huisinga CBS2/FOX28.)

Grinnell is a small town with a serious support system for the arts.

Since opening in 1999 the Faulconer Gallery at Grinnell College has attracted world-class art to Iowa.

“We've brought shows from Portugal and from China and from Brazil and from Estonia and from Morocco, all of those shows bring the world to central Iowa where people normally wouldn't see that quality of art,” says Lesley Wright, Director of the Faulconer Gallery.

Their displays of regional national and international art is enhanced by programs that often bring the artists along with their art.

“It's really worth checking out before you come if we're going to be having a talk or a class or a community day or any of a number of kinds of celebrations,” says Wright.

Its current exhibition brings home the work of a former Grinnell College student turned Vietnam War photographer.

“Robert Hodierne speaks about how important it is to see what it is we expect of young men and women when we send them into a war,” says Wright.

Most of the internal walls of the gallery can move and are rearranged for each exhibition to let them share shows of every size.

“We have actually more temporary exhibition space in the Des Moines Art Center,” says Wright.

It truly stands as a surprising space building a community of culture.

A few block away that same spirit is reflected by the Grinnell Area Arts Council on a local level.

Their arts center located near in Grinnell’s downtown.

“We rotate between the local shows and then regionally known artists,” says Tom Lacina, director of the Grinnell Area Arts Council.

This former lbrary now serves as a gallery a classroom and a community space, just up the stairs sits the loft theater.

“We try to do at least one event every month,” says Lacina.

Shows include community theater productions, college performances and traveling shows from around the region.

The 65 seat space may be small but the venues sells out frequently and its size doesn't stop the performances from coming to life.

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