ROAD TRIPPIN': Biking Grinnell

In Grinnell a weekend road trip is better spent on 2 wheels than 4.

This small community has a wealth of biking opportunities and right at the heart is Bikes To You, a cycling shop located right in downtown.

“We are fortunate to be one of the 10 official Ragbri bicycle shops, you'll find our shop on the ride, we have been for the last 25 years,” says shop owner, Craig Cooper.

Paved bike trails crisscross the town between city parks and lakes but you can also find a 7 mile connection to the popular Rock Creek State Park.

“When you combined the trail plus the park roads you can get a really really good 25-mile bike ride, now that's all on paved surfaces,” says Cooper.

Now as part of a growing trend many riders are opting off the path most traveled for a road more graveled.

"The beautiful thing about gravel to is if you choose the right roads you can be out there for 30 miles and see two cars,” says Cooper.

The area has several designated gravel routs that can give riders a variety of terrain.

“Gravel riding has become fairly popular here around Grinnell and so a lot of folks will use the gravel roads out here near the park for its nature scenes and be able to be close to rock creek." Says Rachael Kinnick, director of the Grinnell Chamber of Commerce.

The park boasts activities from boating and fishing to camping and exploring 13 miles of trails.

It’s location just a few miles from interstate 80 makes it an easy destination.

“Rock Creek State Park has the busiest campground in the state in terms of state park's in Iowa so there's a lot of visitors from all over the area,” says Kinnick.

If you want a ride that’s easy for everyone, you can avoid steep terrain by tooling around town.

“While the distance from Grinnell to Rock Creek is fairly hilly the area in the community itself is actually quite flat and so for biking it's really quite ideal especially with children,” says Kinnick.

No matter you biking interest or experience there is an option for you to enjoy in Grinnell.

You can bring your bike or rent a ride and let life slow down.

“It's just enough slower pace that you begin to notice nature and a different buildings and structures and things that you don't notice in a car,” says Cooper.

It is a easy way to see the beauty of Iowa close to home.

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