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Road Trippin': Ledges State Park, Boone County

Kids play in the creek at Ledges State Park. (CBS2/FOX28)

Highway 30 cuts right through the heart of Iowa and Boone County which is home to one of Iowa’s oldest and largest state parks.

The land that lies in Ledges State Park is an unexpected find.

“The focal point of the park is the canyon area where people can drive through the water crossings and wade through the stream and creeks dump and stuff and that's by far the most popular attraction here at the park,” says Andy Bartlett, Park Manager.

The canyon is lined with beautiful sandstone walls.

"It's kind of crazy you're driving along and you've got farms then you turn a corner and you're here,” says Kori Harms, a visitor enjoying the park with 3 children.

The beauty of the park draws in an estimated 500,000 visitors every year but even with the heavy traffic they say it's never too crowded to have a quiet day by yourself.

“It's quiet and it's safe and accessible for kids,” says harms.

The shallow water of Pea’s Creek is the perfect place to kick off your shoes and cool off in the summer heat.

“They really like the creek walking,” says Harms as the kids play in the clear running water.

The four miles of trail are only for hiking, taking you to scenic overlooks throughout the park.

“The Lost Lake Trail is easier than most,” says Bartlett. “It is classified as an ADA accessible trail back to the lake and back but the rest of our trails I would classify as kind of moderate to hard, there are some steep sections that lead up to some of these fantastic overlooks.”

Spend the day or spend the night at a quiet campground.

“Our campground is very family-friendly we provide interpretive programs in the summertime on the weekends for people and families to enjoy and participate in as well,” says Bartlett.

It’s a place to learn and love Iowa’s natural beauty.

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