Voices of Diversity: Systems Unlimited Needs Van

IOWA CITY, IA (CBS2/FOX28) - Those needing an extra lift also need your help.

Systems Unlimited is a company in the Corridor providing services for those with disabilities.

Every year, they hold a run to raise money. This year, the funds will be for a new wheelchair-accessible van. They need to raise about $44,000.

The staff at Systems Unlimited said they currently have 10 vans. Each van seats four, but they serve 55 people in wheelchairs. They said there's always a need for more transportation resources.

The starter for this year's race is former Hawkeye football player Kyle Spading.

Spading said he was in a car wreck three years ago. He's a full advocate for those needing a wheelchair-accessible van to have one.

"Just being able to get from A to B with the bare essentials," he said. "That van might be nice and loud on the inside, but it keeps people safe and it enables (them)."

His car wreck happened in his hometown of Belle Plaine.

"(There was) a little curve right there where you veer off a little bit and I was correcting it," he said.

He was on Highway 212.

"I flipped twice straight over the top and my head hit up in the windshield in the top part," he said.

He said he was trapped in the car for an hour and a half.

To him, Systems Unlimited's mission is dear to his heart. His brother has autism and uses the services there, too.

Several people who are in wheelchairs and use the resources at Systems Unlimited said the vans mean everything to them.

"It will help me go to places more at the last second," Scott Weiser said.

"On Sundays, I go to church and I like to go to bible class if I could," Doris Siemer said.

"I like to draw on a piece of paper," Charity Lassiter said about her experiences when she goes out.

Lassiter and Siemer said they also like to go out to shop and eat.

Getting outdoors for Jon Reeck meant making friends and regaining strength.

"I learned how to talk," Reeck said. "I can talk now."

Several of them use Johnson County Seats and love the fact they can use those vans. However, they said there's still a need, especially since they are based out of Systems Unlimited.

The staff said getting one more van will help with last minute emergencies.

"It's a right to have a social life," Spading said. "It's a right to be out there and do the things that other people can do."

The 5K Walk/Run is this Sunday, Oct. 4 at the Terry Trueblood Recreation Center. If you can't make the race but would still like to help, you can donate to Systems Unlimited directly.

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