Cary J. Hahn

CBS 2 viewers have known Cary J. Hahn as the Iowa Traveler for 25 years. No longer in television, Cary is now the News Director at radio station KMRY in Cedar Rapids. He is also a honoree for this year's Freedom Festival Tribute To Heroes.

Before his very public life, Cary was in the Navy, serving on a ship off the coast of Vietnam. He would run the ships radio and television station, he says, "Like Robin Williams in 'Good Morning, Vietnam,' just not as funny." He honed his radio and tv skills in the military, garnering thousands of fans along the way.

After his tour, he pursued his life-long dream of television. After stints at smaller stations in the midwest, he landed at CBS 2 as the Iowa Traveler.

For information on attending this year's Tribute to Heroes dinner, go to:Freedom Festival

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