You can get paid $40 an hour to write jokes for Cards Against Humanity

    (Cards Against Humanity)

    COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX/WTTE) - Cards Against Humanity, the "party game for horrible people," is searching for new writers.

    The party game is looking for writers to craft offensive jokes and willing to pay $40 an hour.

    "If your cards are solid, you'll join our pool of remote contributors and make $40/hr writing poop jokes as needed," the company said on its website.

    The company is asking applicants to submit 15 white and five black cards.

    What's CAH looking for in a white card? The company says it has a distinct voice. It's also seeking "sharp, punchy cards" and says white cards are "only half the joke."

    On the other hand, black cards include a blank space. The blank space should not come after an adjective or article, according to Cards Against Humanity.

    Submissions are due by Aug. 31; you can submit your samples on the CAH website. The company added it's also looking for "hot single dads."

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