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Stink bug season: Here's how to get rid of them

(Courtesy: WZTV)
(Courtesy: WZTV)
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NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WZTV) - Soon enough, those April temperatures will rise and snow will melt away. We will welcome blooming flowers and it will genuinely feel like spring. But that also marks the beginning of the stink bug season.

According to Orkin, "Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs," often referred to as simply "stink bugs," are the most active from March to September. The peak season is during fall months.

Stink bugs usually feed on fruits, buds and pods; however, the bugs will also feed on the sap of trees and other plants, which Tennessee State University said pierces the stems and bark and causes a potential for disease transmission.

When coming in contact with a stink bug, people should always wear gloves, as TSU says stink bug chemical secretion can irritate skin or eyes.

How to get rid of stink bugs:

  • For home invasion issues, ensure all windows, doors, ducts and attic overhangs are sealed to prevent entry
  • Pyrethroid pesticides labeled for structural use may aid in outdoor control
  • Bugs can be vacuumed into a shop vac filled with soapy water and discarded
  • Sweep, don't squish: If stink bugs have found their way into your home, sweep them with a broom and dustpan. Do not squish stink bugs -- the glands between their legs omit an odor when smashed.

While the most active season for stink bugs goes through fall, stink bugs can find their way into your homes in the winter months. The bugs spend this time hiding inside walls or attic crawl spaces. They can also fly around rooms or crawl on walls and ceilings.

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WKRC contributed to this report.

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