Wisconsin County historically predicts next President

    Sawyer County, Wisconsin photo courtesy: CNN

    Ahead of Tuesday's Primary in Wisconsin, it seems one county in the state really knows how to pick a President.

    Sawyer County in Wisconsin has successfully picked the president in every general election since 1964 - which covers the last 13 elections.

    There are 42 delegates up for grabs in Wisconsin.

    Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump is holding a rally today in the city of Superior, two hours away from Sawyer County.

    Donald Trump is the first candidate to travel to that part in the state. However, residents are still unsure about who they will vote for.

    "I was kind've thinking Trump but I'm not so sure I like all the conflict and negativism that's coming out of things and are kind've volatile, I guess would be a great word for it," said Sawyer County resident Jeff Homuth.

    Other residents believe none of the candidates are ready to run the country.

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