Remembering the Holocaust

Holocaust remembrance.PNG

CBS 2 / FOX 28 - Around the world people are celebrating International Holocaust Remembrance day. Today is the 71st anniversary. According to USA Today, 6 million Jews were murdered by Germany's Nazi regime. Today, UN secretary general, Ban Ki-Moon, urged people to denounce political and religious ideologies that set people against one another.

In Germany, members of the German government met with dignitaries at the German parliament to discuss, forced labor issues. President Obama will also pay his respects by attending an event at the Israeli embassy in Washington, DC. Although, many are reflecting on the lives lost many synagogues are not taking part in today's observance. Jewish people celebrate Yom HaShoah, or Holocaust Remembrance day on May 4th.

However, the hashtag holocaust memorial day is trending on Twitter. For people who would like to take part in today's observance the U.S. Holocaust Memorial museum is live streaming events on their website,

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