New Jersey Mother and Son Die from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

nj snow.png

CBS 2/ FOX 28 - The blizzard that hit much of the East coast this weekend ended in tragedy for one family. A New Jersey mother and her young children were waiting inside of a running car while unknowingly breathing in carbon monoxide. According to, the 23-year-old mother waited in the car with her 1-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter while her husband shoveled snow away from the car.

Authorities say when there is major snowfall, shovel snow away from the exhaust pipe before starting your car.

Alliant Energy spokesperson, Justin Foss gives similar advice, "the symptoms are a lot like the flu except you don't get the headache, so CO poisoning is a big issue we see especially on the coldest days. " Foss also say if you are trying to heat your car try doing it away from the garage. "Somebody's car who's trying to heat it either in the garage or just outside of the garage so maybe the tailpipe is sticking out of the garage but in reality all of those fumes are going right back in."

Police in New Jersey said it only took about fifteen minutes for the gas to kill the mother and her 1-year old son. The 3-year-old daughter is listed in critical condition at St. Joseph Hospital in New Jersey.

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