Military college alumni rally around SC woman badly burned in domestic abuse case

Mandie Brillhart Nethercutt (Provided)

A Citadel alumna remains hospitalized after the the Florence County Sheriff's Office says her husband poured gasoline on her, and lit her on fire.

Amanda "Mandie" Brillhart Nethercutt is being treated for burns over more than 50 percent of her body following the assault, officials confirm.

Florence County Deputies say her husband, Charles Durell Nethercutt, of Longfellow Drive in Florence, is wanted for attempted murder in connection to the Sept. 19 incident.

MORE DETAILS | Florence man wanted for attempted murder, accused of setting wife on fire

As word has spread about the incident, friends and fellow Citadel alumni say they've felt compelled to act.

Doug Bridges, a Columbia realtor and Citadel alumnus, says he met Mandie through her mother.

Bridges said he started following Mandie's journey through ROTC her junior year of high school.

"She did really well and had high grades," Bridges said. "She was quickly named the captain her senior year."

Bridges said Mandie expressed interest in the Citadel and West Point, but he pointed her towards his alma mater.

"She liked the military and had a genuine affection for the uniform," he said. "She's a sweet girl and very conscientious."

Bridges said Mandie is very respected by her peers, so he can't understand why anyone would hurt her.

"It took me about an hour for it to soak in," Bridges said. "I wasn't prepared for that. I had lots of emotions and a lot of trouble understanding anyone doing that to any human being, but especially someone I knew."

Mandie is in an incredible amount of pain, according to Bridges, who says doctors have to keep cold, wet cloths on more than 50 percent of her body to cover the burns.

"She's freezing and is in a lot of pain," he said. "It's going to be a day-to- day thing for a while."

Bridges says doctors expect Mandie to undergo several surgeries over the next several months to repair her skin, and the medical costs will skyrocket. That's why he has called on the community and those he knows most to help.

"I've welled up," he said reflecting on the donations from Citadel alumni. "I've shed some tears on that. It's made me proud to wear the ring. We stick together and take care of our own."

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe campaign set up for Mandie's medical expenses, click HERE.

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