Boston survivor story being made into a movie

    Boston survivor story being made into movie. Photo Courtesy: CNN News Source

    One survivor of the Boston Marathon was inspired to write a book about his experience which has led to a movie.

    Jeff Bauman lost both of his legs but he is remembered for identifying the suspects. Bauman identified the two Tsarnaev brothers to authorities from his hospital bed.

    His near death experience led him to write the memoir, Stronger. The memoir will detail Bauman's recovery process and his accounts from that horrific day.

    Now, his story is being made into a movie. Actor, Jake Gyllenhaal will play Bauman.

    The Golden Globe actor has been in Boston filming the project for a month. Bauman and Gyllenhaal appeared together at the Boston Medical Center's 2016 Pasta dinner in Boston. The charity event took place this on Sunday.

    "I do a lot of public speaking," said Bauman. "I tell my story. I start off with that, how I lost my legs, and then I just focus on, you know, all the positive that came out of it and, you know, my new life. So I -- this is what the movie's going to be about. It's going to be about the positivity and not about that day."

    The film is expected to hit theaters in 2017.

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