Barbie's New Body


    (CBS 2 / FOX 28) - Barbie is now curvy, tall and petite. Today, Mattel revealed new versions of the doll. In addition to releasing Barbie in different sizes the popular doll will also come in 7 different skin tones, 22 various eye colors and 24 hair styles. The company has worked on this Barbie for two years, calling it, 'Project Dawn.'

    A lot of the public believe this change is necessary. For years, Barbie's unrealistic body frame has been criticized. People claim the doll's beauty and body frame set an unrealistic standard. Mattel's spokeswoman, Michelle Chidoni, told USA Today, The new toys allow "the product line to be a better reflection of what girls see in the world around them."

    The editor in chief of Toys, Toys, Pets and more, Jim Silver, agrees with Mattel. "More in There are people that are turned away from Barbie because they want dolls that more resemble themselves, more in terms of their body type and more in terms of their skin tones."

    According to, the LA Times, Barbie sales have fell by 14%. The company hope with the new change sales will improve along with young girl's perception of beauty.

    The dolls will hit store shelves on March 1st however until then you can order your very own online,

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