Baltimore National Aquarium receive backlash for planned Oceanside Sanctuary

    Baltimore National Aquarium plan big move (photo: CBS News)

    The National Aquarium in Baltimore plans to permanently move all of its Atlantic bottlenose dolphins to an Oceanside sanctuary in 5 years.

    The move comes after Aquarium officials thought about teaching dolphins how to live with other sea animals like crabs, lobsters and jellyfish.

    However, some people are not fans of this project.

    They warn that it is dangerous to release an aquarium mammal into the wild because of their dependence on human beings.

    The Baltimore Aquarium said that it is looking for a change.

    "Really this has been a reaction to the fact that times have been changing dramatically from generation to generation," says Baltimore National Aquarium's CEO, John Rancanelli.

    "As attitudes change, we think that our attitudes should too."

    The aquarium plans to move the dolphins into the sanctuary by the end of 2020.

    They are looking to build in places like Florida or the Caribbean.

    To learn more about this sanctuary visit

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