‘A Wish Come True’ sends teen with cancer to Super Bowl

    Bobby Colantonio, 18, a local top track and field athlete, was diagnosed with a rare cancer during the fall. As NBC 10's R.J. Heim reports, "A Wish Come True" is sending them to the big game, with your help. (WJAR)

    A father and a son from Barrington are going to the Super Bowl.

    But the dad wishes it was under better circumstances.

    Bobby Colantonio, 18, a local top track and field athlete was diagnosed with a rare cancer this past fall.

    And now, "A Wish Come True" is sending them there, with your help.

    Being one of the top hammer-throw competitors in the world while at Barrington High School is what got Bobby a scholarship to the University of Alabama this past fall.

    But hip and shoulder pain that he chalked up to pushing too hard was diagnosed instead by the Crimson Tide Athletic Physician as a cancerous tumor.

    He came back home, and has been undergoing treatment for Ewing's Sarcoma at Hasbro Children's Hospital ever since.

    “When they found out it was in the lungs and the hips, it was kind of like a big hit, especially because prognosis-wise, it's not that good at all,” Bobby told NBC 10 News.

    Chemo's been working, with radiation to come this spring. With a chuckle, Bobby said, “My biggest fear is needles and I can't stand needles, and all I do is get poked every day.”

    The "A Wish Come True" organization heard about his circumstance, and asked what he wanted. He said a trip to the Super Bowl.

    “Football's been a big part of my life, and I always grew up watching the games on Sundays,” and playing for the Barrington High School team Freshman and Sophomore years, before focusing solely on Track and Field competition.

    Bobby said he's really happy to be going to the Super Bowl, but it's an extra bonus that the Pats are in the game, saying, “The cool thing is, I'd like to see Tom Brady break some records and stuff.”

    He's fighting, with an eye on competing in the 2020 Olympics, gaining strength from the even younger patients. You could hear little kids down the hall, some crying, at Hasbro coming in and out of chemotherapy during the interview with Bobby.

    “I look at the little kids, and actually they empower me because, the fact that they're so small and young, and they can go through this. If they can do it, I definitely can do it,” said Bobby, adding, “You got to just keeping looking forward. I like to look forward. I don’t like to look left, I don’t like to look right, or definitely behind me. Just take one day at a time.”

    To make a donation to help pay for the trip, click here.

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