Zach Wahls paves unique path to victory in Iowa Senate

    Democrat Zach Wahls defeated Libertarian candidate Carl Krambeck with 79 percent of the vote in Tuesday's Midterm Elections, to take office in Iowa Senate District 37. (CBS2/FOX28)

    Tuesday's election saw Iowa Republicans maintain control of the state's Senate and House. However, some districts still had victories for the left.

    In Senate District 37, Democrat Zach Wahls defeated Libertarian opponent Carl Krambeck with 79 percent of the vote.

    At age 27, Wahls will be sworn in as the youngest member of the Iowa Senate. Though his age and party will be the minority in the Iowa Senate, he says that's energizing him to bring a fresh perspective and to work across party lines.

    “I’m really excited that young people are going to have a representative in the Iowa Senate in me,” said Wahls. “So I really want to make sure we have an agenda that is focused on some of these problems that are going to be affecting young people--education, student debt, climate change. That has to be a part of the conversation.”

    Wahls also mentioned that he is the first person to be elected to state office who is the child of a gay or lesbian couple.

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