Buchanan County releases 911 call in fatal crash involving 'Bachelor' Chris Soules

UPDATE: Buchanan County releases 911 call in fatal crash involving 'Bachelor'

Buchanan County authorities have now released the 911 call from a fatal accident involving former Bachelor star Chris Soules.

Documents show Soules was driving a pickup when he rear ended a John Deere tractor, sending both vehicles into a ditch on Monday night. The driver of the tractor, 66-year-old Kenneth Mosher of Aurora died at a local hospital. Soules fled the scene and was found uninjured at his home.

In the 911 tape, Soules identifies himself and says he hit the tractor. The operator then asks him if he is able to to perform CPR, but Soules says he does not know how. It then sounds like someone on the scene tries to perform CPR, and Soules tells the operator that they can feel a pulse.

The operator tells Soules that an ambulance and law enforcement are en route to the scene. Shortly after, he says he needs to hang up and will call the operator back.

The Des Moines Register obtained police audio of the incident in which a deputy tells a dispatcher that Soules "took off" in a red truck at the scene.

Soules is charged with leaving the scene of an accident where death occurred. If convicted, Soules could face up to five years in prison. The Buchanan County Sheriff's Office says more charges could be pending as the investigation continues.

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