UNI professor running for recently vacated District 30 senate seat

    Amy Petersen Headshot.PNG

    Cedar Falls native and Special Education professor Amy Petersen announced Saturday, she'll be running for the Democratic Party's nomination for a special election to fill Senate District 30 seat recently vacated by Jeff Danielson.

    Petersen has been a professor at UNI since 2006, and is a nationally recognized expert on students with disability's.

    She's also the President of the UNI faculty Senate, and a former member of the United Faculty union's Executive Board.

    Petersen is vying to take the seat recently vacated by Jeff Danielson, who's resigning from both the Iowa Senate and the Cedar Falls Fire Department, citing the department's controversial public safety officer program.

    Danielson, a Democrat, told Iowa Starting line that if he were not leaving the fire department, he would not be leaving the Senate.

    In 2016, the Cedar Falls Police Department began cross training police officers to fight fires, and any new hire has to train as a public safety officer. Residents expressed their safety concerns about the program.

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