Univ. of Iowa hosted Drowsy Driving Summit

University of Iowa holds Drowsy Driving Summit at the College of Public Health

Today, the University of Iowa's College of Public Health hosted a Drowsy Driving Summit.

Every year, hundreds of car fatalities are caused by sleepy drivers.

Governor Terry Branstad and others spoke about the dangers of falling asleep behind the wheel.

According to the FARS report, between 2010 and 2012 driving while drowsy accounted for 317 fatalities.

One representative from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, says a person who drives after 18 hours or more of not sleeping is equaled to someone driving drunk.

That is why Iowa's safety officials are working on projects to keep drivers safe.

"One of the projects we're working on in my division is the driver's license station and something called motor vehicles network," said the Director of Motor Vehicle Division, Mark Lowe.

"So we're putting up increased screens that increased our safety messaging. We're putting in free public WiFi and we're using a splash page to push public messaging through that."

DOT has already begun placing messages on splash boards along the interstate. On Monday, a message read, 'Your airbag is not a pillow,' just to remind drivers to stay awake at the wheel.

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